Pressure Washing Services in Townsville – Residential & Commercial

Man Cleaning Terrace — External and Internal Cleaning in Shaw, QLD
Rise N Shine House Washing in Townsville is a high-pressure water cleaning wizard. We have our cleaning down to a fine art and specialise in house cleaning—inside and out.

We are fully insured, vastly experienced, and truly care about delivering superior services at great prices. Our no-obligation quotes are free. Get in touch now for your quote.

Our pressure washing services for residential, commercial and industrial properties are effective, efficient and affordable.
Rise N Shine dominates the business of high-pressure water cleaning in the Townsville area. The benefits of our services include:

House Washing

  • Dirt and grime removal
  • Paint preparation cleaning
  • Mould removal and elimination
  • Mould and bacteria sterilisation
  • High and low-pressure cleaning

Paved Areas, Driveways, Roof & Gutter Cleaning

  • Mould removal
  • Dirt and grime removal
  • Mould and bacteria sterilisation
  • Debris and leaf removal from gutters

Commercial Building Washing

  • Mould and bacteria sterilisation
  • Playground sterilisation and cleaning
  • Paths, walkways, and concrete high-pressure cleaning
  • Commercial and industrial external hard surface pressure cleaning
Street Pressure Cleaning — External and Internal Cleaning in Shaw, QLD

High & Low-Pressure Cleaning

We have our pressure cleaning down to a fine art. Our professional equipment can be dialled down to suit the job at hand.

Low-pressure is enough for some tasks but, when the going gets tough, we have pressure on-tap to water-blast stubborn stains and clean deeply as necessary.

We bring our 10 years of experience to the job. Our skilled technicians have encountered every kind of cleaning situation typical of Townsville residences and business properties. This allows us to quote with accuracy and fairness every time.

Our honest, down-to-earth prices are received with grateful acceptance because we don’t need to inflate our fees to cover for imagined unknowns. And, of course, the results we achieve make it worthwhile for all concerned. We always get a kick of a job well done.

Get in touch now for a quote on cleaning for your property.
Yard Cleaning — External and Internal Cleaning in Shaw, QLD

House Washing & Yard Maintenance

Rise N Shine House Washing in Townsville delivers superior cleaning with high-pressure water jetters. And we do it all quickly and affordably, without damaging your house or other structures.

Our pressure cleaning will greatly enhance the appearance and functionality of your roof, guttering, patios, decks, paving, pool surrounds, and driveways.

We can also handle weed removal and other yard maintenance chores for you.

Give us a call right now. There’s no time like the present to start adding value to your property.
Driveway Cleaning — External and Internal Cleaning in Shaw, QLD

Driveway & Concrete Cleaning

Paint spills, dirt, grime, and stains of almost all types can be washed away like magic when you have Rise N Shine House Washing on the job.

Our cleaning professionals know how to deliver top-notch results every time. There are those stains that won’t be removed completely, but it would be a very rare instance where you won’t see significant improvement.

Call us today for a free quote. Let’s give your concrete a good going over and get it looking more like it did when it was new.
Roof Cleaning — External and Internal Cleaning in Shaw, QLD

Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Rise N Shine pressure washing can do wonders for your roofing and guttering.

Not only will it look better, after a shot of pressure washing, your rainwater drainage system will perform the way it was intended. We will blast away debris and sludge that builds up over time and clear the pipes for you.

Get your roof and gutters cleaned today. Or add this worthy option when scheduling your house wash.